What Our Customers Say (Testimony)

To Whom It May Concern:

After suffering from hemorrhoids for a number of years, which appeared after the birth of the first of three sons, I was introduced to this product. After the initial dosage, my problem disappeared almost overnight. The itching, the burning, the bleeding all disappeared within a day or two. The hemorrhoids shrank to being almost non-existent. It was unbelievable.

I remained virtually problem-free for over two years and I noticed some minor symptoms returning just recently. After getting another dose, the problem again disappeared within a day. There have been no side effects. It does not upset your system. It is a painless medication, and not greasy like all of the other topical medications, which have never worked satisfactorily for me.

I highly recommend this product as a "miracle" treatment for a very painful, embarrassing and uncomfortable problem.

Jackie Wood

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to encourage other people who have suffered from bleeding and other symptoms related to Hemorrhoids, to take comfort in this testimonial. I had been going through a difficult time with much stool bleeding and discomfort with sitting. I found this product…to my good fortune… The miracle took place. The first 4 days no bleeding was observed. At the end of 7 days the swelling and the protrusion was gone. This cure lasted for approximately 6 months. There is no side effects associated with this product…I sincerely hope that this testimonial will give you belief that there is a resolve to this problem… I would encourage you to stop suffering….
This product is wonderful!! I have been in severe pain for months with significant bleeding. Amazing stuff!!
Terry - New Jersey
It's not often I write to someone about a product I used but I must tell you how wonderful this product is. I used over the counter ointments but nothing seemed to work. I almost went for surgery.

After reading about this product I decided to try it. By the third day, I noticed a drastic change! Low and behold, my hemorrhoid had began to shrink.

I am a firm believer of this product and can't thank you enough for finally finding something that works.

I plan on ordering more to have in my medicine cabinet.

Thank You!!!
Just a note to thank you for your great product.

I have been using this product for six years now and it is the only product I need to treat the occasional flair up.

I keep a supply on hand so I can immediately stop any discomfort.

Alexandria - VA
I recently used the Medicine for my Hemorrhoids and I am glad to write to you and tell you that all of my Problems vanished like Magic.

I tried everything from External lotions to suppositories to Laxatives. But got very little relief. When my doctor started talking about Surgery, that is when I decided to start this product course.

Within a week I am Symptoms free.

Your Medicine is terrific.

I think it will help thousands of people suffering from this problem.

A.K. - Massachusetts
This product is amazing. I developed a hemorrhoid that began bleeding, and Prep H was virtually of no use at all.

It certainly did nothing to stem the bleeding, and it didn't even reduce the swelling either. Plus it burned like crazy. 48 hours after I began the regimen, the bleeding had stopped, and the hemorrhoid swelling was going down.

Now there is no more bleeding, the hemorrhoid swelling has gone down so much I am barely aware it's there.

My perception of natural remedies has been completely altered by my experience with this product. Alot of people wasting their time on Prep H and other over-the-counter remedies would be stunned by the results they would see with this product.

Thank you for making this incredible product available.

David - New York
I have been using this product for three days now. I don't know how it works but I know I am feeling relief that no ointment, even prescription, could provide. I am glad I found you on the internet and took a chance. You have really made a believer out of me.

Jay R. - OHIO
To Whom it May Concern:

I am pleased to report that after just seven days of taking this product,…I have experienced significant relief. The itching, burning and discomfort have greatly reduced. This is after at least fifteen years, on and off, of contending with this condition- sometimes to the point of bleeding. I am re-ordering immediately…hopefully it will continue to bring amazing success- finally!

I have tried other remedies (homeopathic and more traditional) but none has proven to be as effective as this product. The good news is I can now see that the prospect of surgery will not be necessary. Who would have ever believed this!! I also intend to continue use of this product as maintenance basis for prevention in the future. Another great bonus is there are NO known side effects. I like that too.

Bilbrey - Illinois
To Whom it May Concern:

I have been absolutely amazed at how well your product works- So painless and easy. Thank you so much. What a difference it has made in my life. Thanks again.
ML - Oregon
My hemorrhoids had reached the point of making me a social recluse. All too agonizingly often, the blood would seep through the seat of my pants and no one can ignore something like that. Men would whisper cruel jokes behind my back….. and women would either laugh….. or just demurely avert their eyes.

Thank you  for restoring my self-esteem…..

I never thought I would be posting a user testimonial for hemorrhoids, but I used this product and am extremely pleased with the results. I was quite miserable and nothing seemed to help. To tell you the truth I am amazed it works so well. It worked exactly as described in less than one week. I feel great and would highly recommend it.

I am glad that the internet allows this product to be available to people searching for relief.

I thank you again for bringing this product to the public and to me.

Eileen - Florida
… I just wanted to wait a week to make sure… I can’t believe it really worked for me…The instructions said you should get relief in 5 days, and it was iffy but better…well what do you know….it really does feel better, it's amazing
Kathleen - Florida
This is my second purchase as having found something that reduces the swelling-even of relatively small piles-

It is great to have found something that really does work!
Lisa - London, UK
Sirs: I received my order few days ago and to my surprise I already feel much better from my hemorrhoids. Today is my fourth day and I'm feeling a lot better.

Thank you for such a miraculous medicine.
Carlos - Dominican Republic
I purchased one bottle in July 2002 and was trouble free through January 2003.
It's a godsend !!
Margaret - Massachusetts
The only product that has truly worked for me!
FM - New York
I have suffered from piles for around 18 months. They were never really painful nor did they ever bleed but they were very inconvenient and until recently had started to take over my life. I spent a fair amount of money on herbal remedies (grapeseeds and pinebark, horse chestnut, bilberry and gotu kola etc.) and altered my diet and lifestyle but to no avail. Although the symptoms stayed at a certain level and did not worsen I was unable to get rid of the things altogether.

I then found the this product on  website and contacted them. They answered all my questions and were extremely efficient and courteous and shipping to the UK was unbelievably quick. After using their product over the last few weeks my life has changed for the better. Although they have not completely gone the're healing well and have been far better than they ever have. I no longer have that panicky feeling before a visit to the bathroom and have been able to get on with life without thinking about them as they're no longer a priority now and haven't caused me any discomfort. I do feel that it is important to treat to cause as well as the symptoms so would recommend looking at your diet and exercise habits at the same time. The bottom line is that this product has worked where everything else had failed!

CK - U.K.

Last February I ordered the product for a persistent hemorrhoid problem. After using the traditional and some alternative therapies, I decided to give a trial run. It is now November and I have not had a reoccurrence. I am very pleased and as a colon hydrotherapist I recommend it to my colonic clients often.

N.S. - Indianapolis

I am writing to anyone who will listen that It is a wonderful product that will help people with hemorrhoidal problems. I have been suffering from hemorrhoids for over 7 years. I have had a surgery, tried the cortisone prescription cream, and had the prescribed suppositories.

The surgery worked to take care of the current problem but the hemorrhoids came back. The cream and suppositories were basically a bandaid that gave temporary relief. When I tried Pilex. I was amazed that after 2 weeks, my hemorrhoids shrank to almost nothing. Now with the aid of Pilex I feel “normal” again, something I have not felt in years.

I highly recommend the use of this product to combat any hemorrhoid problem. I have suffered no side effects and with some slight changes in my diet {no white breads, cut down in white sugar products} I am pretty much back to normal.

B.C. - California
Just checking my order status. Husband and son both are in need of this product. My husband has used it before about 5 years ago and it has lasted this long. He thinks it is just wonderful. Tells all his friends if they are complaining to call you and get this great product."

S.I. - North Carolina
This product has literally save my life. I was in constant pain: couldn't exercise, stand for long periods. I also have osteoporosis and it is imperative that I exercise. My life was so limited. I was so depressed and disgusted! I was ready for surgery!

But I'm glad there is a product like this that REALLY works!!!

I can't thank you enough!!!!!!

NV - Florida

It is truly a wonderful product!

I once suffered from hemorrhoidal pain and bleeding. The worst of it came about 12 years ago when the inflammation and bleeding were such that I couldn't sit down or walk for about a week. I was quite pained and frightened by this episode. A nutritionist friend recommended this product. Within three days all symptoms were gone and did not return for several years.

Miraculus! Over twelve years now, I have felt great and amazed that I've ordered the product only three times total, always with successful results. The rest of the time I have felt great and amazed that I'd ever had hemorrhoidal irritation at all.

Thanks for providing such a valuable and effective product!!!

GV - Los Angeles

…Tried Everything…..this  is such a good product…..it really works.
Bob - Michigan
As I explained to you on the phone it helped me a great deal with my hemorrhoids. When I went to the doctor he said that he couldn't operate, as they are gone. I know I had a severe case and I was anticipating surgery, when he examined me. I was pleasantly surprised that they were gone. I wholeheartedly recommend this product for anyone that is suffering from hemorrhoids.